Nov 27, 2010

Nov 25, 2010

Domain names

.de                      - Germany

.ch                      - Switzerland

.lk                       - Sri Lanka

.gb                      - United Kingdom

.rs                       - Serbia

.tv                       - Tuvalu

.co                      - Colombia

.sv                       - Soviet Union

Nov 20, 2010

Special Question 03

Special thanks to Utkarsh Singh, helped for this post

1.) Identify the multi-national company from Korea? Came on India in 1995.

Ans: Samsung
2.) was it's first URL, where X is the company name itself. What is X?
Ans: Yahoo
3.) This is the old logo of?

Ans: Samsung
4.) The company got its name the mathematical figure which denotes the number 'one followed by a hundred
Ans: Google
5.)  Identify the mascot? And whose it is?
Ans: The mascot is called Liam. And it's of Yahoo Mail

Nov 19, 2010

Nov 17, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Lucknow Finals

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Lucknow edition's final round question are coming.
Wait until tomorrow morning.

added on 18/11/2010: The questions are here. see the next post.

Click here for questions

Nov 16, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Lucknow Prelim

Here we are proud to provide you the prelim questions of TCS IT WIZ 2010 Edition at Lucknow on the event day itself.

Special Thanks to
Pranshu Agarwal
who provided us the question.
Download the document

Nov 14, 2010

Special Question 02

1.) This is a process that allows iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to gain root access to the command line of the operating system thus removing any limitations imposed upon them by Apple.Once this process has been done, iPhone users are able to download many extensions and themes previously unavailable through the App Store via installers such as Cydia.
What is the process called?

A: Jailbreaking

2.) What do the google doodle indicate?
A: X-ray's 115th birthday

3.) Identify the port?
A: Firewire ( or IEEE 1394 Interface)
4.) This is a process associated with submarine navigation . How do you know it in IT world
5.) Identify the logo?


Nov 13, 2010

Special Question 01

These Questions are Specially modeled out  for TCS IT WIZ Participants.

1.) Google expects this feature from Google to save users 2 to 5 seconds in every search, which they say will be collectively 11 million seconds per hour. What is this feature?
A: Google Instant

2.) "We're not trying to dumb down the internet for a mobile device. What we've done is bring up mobile devices to the level of desktop computers". Which is te device mentioned in the quotes?
A: BlackBerry Playbook ( quotes by Mike Lazaridis, the CEO of RIM)

3.)  "It's in keeping with our vision of a unified Google search experience to make popular, useful features part of the default experience, rather than maintain different versions of Google. As Autocomplete quality has improved, we felt it was appropriate to have it always on for all of our users." What this quotes refers to?
A: Google Instant

4.) Developed originally for the iPhone, it has since been shipped on the iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV as well.  What's It?
A: IOS ( Iphone OS)

5.) What does this map indicate?
A: World wide iPhone Availability
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Nov 4, 2010

TCS IT WIZ Questions

Hi friends,
           Here are some model questions to the TCS IT WIZ 2010 with questions from quizzes that held  at many places.
Might be useful to you

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