Jan 15, 2010

tcs it wiz visual questions

hi friends, for visual questions of tcs it wiz click here

The other questions asked were in the connect round :
1) AMD ( hints giver : Cool n Quiet, Better by Design & some picture)
2) IBM (hints :Kitty hawck IBM's super computer & other some details)
3) CD (hints : An audio was played, picture of James Russel & some other details)
4) Linux ( hints: someone's picture was given)
5) Oracle (hints : Unbreakale & some other details )
6) Motorola ( hints : picture of Sanjah Jha , and picture of a mobile similar to motorola's mobile etc)

In the swords round( buzzer round) :
1) Texas Instrument (clue given: a image of flag of Texas & picture of some instruments - so we get Texas Instrument)
2) Quick Heal (clue : a word starts with quick was given and picture of Heal . so we get quick heal)
3) John Chambers (a hint for john & a picture of chamber was given)
4) Jack willripper ( sorry i don't is this name correct as the & i didn't under stood it)

In scrach Pad @ TCS :
1) TCS took the state WAN (wide area Network) of :
> Andra Pradesh
2) The IPL team related to TCS ?
> Rajastan Royals
3) New delivey Center in North America ( not sure Noth , south or latin )?
> Mexico ( the answer told there was it)
4) This question I could not remember. but some hints i noted : TCS, SAP, Medical Field


  1. pune preliminary round
    1 whosetagline is Do The New
    2 .lk is domail name for what
    3 pic of chandrasekaran
    4 logo of silverlight
    5 bing is a serch egine by whom
    6 logo of NCR
    7 peRL fullform given
    8 saif and soha are brand ammbasadors of what
    9 which company has launced e.go range of laptops
    10 pic of twitter founders given

  2. Doll7.... please can u send me the quesions asked on the stage and the prelims of the quiz as soon as possible? My email id is smhashmi_123@yahoo.co.in

  3. these 10 questions are the prelim questions of Kochi. Do you attended the pune quiz. you might see this question here in in this post.
    how the questions of kochi & pune be same????

  4. Please send the questions to ishanroydav@yahoo.in also.

  5. @TECH4You :Doll7 is right , all 20 q's of pune round were same as Kochi . Thats y i scored a 20/20 in the prelims .

  6. and what happened in the finals?

  7. more questions @ the tech quiz
    Look at it!

  8. Plz post d questions of 2010 edition of tcs!!!!