Nov 28, 2011

TCS IT WIZ 2011 Mumbai Questions

Here are the TCS IT WIZ 2011 Mumbai prelim questions.

1.) If you +1 on Google+.Then what is it on Facebook?
Ans: Like

2.) An Acquarium inside a Macintosh is called what?
Ans: Macquarium

3.) Apple is on the NASDAQ as 'AAPL'.What is it known on NYSE?
Ans:It remains AAPL

4.) Name the company which is Tata's electronic store range?
Ans: Croma

5.) Sun Microsystems has been acquired by which famous company?
Ans: Oracle

6.) Google's service that incoporates social networking,news & chat?
Ans: Google Wave

7.) Two guys at  Percept software started what that revolutionized the world of television?

8.) Microsoft's  service that was earlier classified only for US military use & was known as 'Munitions'. Its known by a different name today.

9.) Intelliweb Mouse is by which company?
Ans: Microsoft

10.) What was originally to be named '80856' but couldn't trademark it.What was it later named?
Ans: Pentium

11.) Which is the famous device does Foxconn manufacture for Amazon?
Ans: Kindle

12.) Expand JAR with filename extension
Ans: Jave ARchive

13.) High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a a form of digital copy protection from this compnay which is famous for making chips. Identify the company?
Ans: Intel

14.) Chase Bishop  is less known for his innovation for Microsoft. It is one of the prime offerings of Microsoft. Identify the product he designed?
Ans: Windows

Reference : BRITEIT

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  1. 15.)A picture of John Mc'Afee was given, we had to identify the company.

    16.)A picture of Narendra Patni was given and the clue that he sold his company. We had to identify him.

  2. george bools photo was given we had to identify him

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