Aug 31, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Pune

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Question Provided by: Sahil Bhatnagar
TCS IT WIZ 2010 Pune Prelim

1. a skype founder( only nikolas zennstrom)
2. Seagate founder (indirect picture ques)
3. HP (picture of david pakard and hewlit together )
4. modem (discription was given , we had to identify )

5. papyrus ebook reader by which company ( picture question)
6. some famous programmer ( picture question
the person has black long hair
7. some bostok (question was what Internet giant is headed by him )

Rest of the questions will be posted soon.

Aug 24, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Ahemedabad Visuals

Questions Provided by Vaibhav Maheshwari

1.) Identify this ethical hacker?

Ans: Ankit Fadia
ANS :  Ankit Fadia
2.) Identify this logo?
ANS : Genius Bar ( Apple)
 3.) Identify this person?
ANS : Sam Palmisano
Sony Connect
5.) Identify this co-founder of SUN?
Vinod Khosla
6.) Identify this logo?

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Ahemedabad Prelim

Questions provided by Vaibhav Maheshwari, Ahemedabad
1.)Dell streak has which operating system in it?
ANS: Android OS
2.)How do you better know 'Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web'?
3.)Yahoo bought which 1 st domain which had already had email services established in it ?
ANS : rocketmail
4.)How we better know "State-Wide Attention on Public Grievance by Application of Technology" of Gujrat
5.)Expand Wi-Max?
ANS : World wide interoperability in Microwave Access
6.)Expand ZFS (a file system by SUN)?
ANS: Zettabyte File System
7.)This was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits. Name the problem?

Aug 22, 2010

TCS IT WIZ Chennai Finals

 TECH4YOU had uploaded the tcs it wiz 2010 chennai final round questions.
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Questions are provided by Manikandan S

Special Thanks to Manikandan S.

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Aug 20, 2010

Tcs it wiz 2010 chennai prelim Visual

1.) Identify this game developed for Atari computers?
ANS : Pit fall
 2.) Identify this person

Ans : Vinod Dham

 3.) Identify this e-book reader

 Ans : Nook
4.) Identify this duo ?

Ans : Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore 
5.) Identify this ?

Ans : Blue Screen Death

Aug 19, 2010

Aug 18, 2010

tcs it wiz 2010 chennai prelim

Here TECH4YOU is postingthe Chennai TCS IT WIZ prelim questions.

   1. _______ 3.0 promotion group has announced the latest version of this hardware standard so as to improve the speed of this specification. Fill in the blank
  ANS : USB                                 
   2. The co founder of KaZaa finished a dual degree from Uppsala university. Name him.
  ANS : Niklaus Zennstrom
  3. How do we know the Shugart Company founded by Alan Shugart well?
    ANS : Seagate
 4. Which Japanese company name’s English translation refers to ‘leave luck to heaven’?
  ANS : Nintendo
 5. The exact definition of this word is “edible part of a nut”. This is the layer which connects the   application software and hardware. Name this.
   ANS : Kernel
6. This was earlier named Phoenix, later renamed to FireBird even then, due to trademark issues, it  was renamed to something else. What?
ANS : firefox
7. This country has recently declared broadband access as one of the basic fundamental rights  apart from life and liberty. Which country?
ANS : Finland
8. The creator of X was paid a mere $45 for creating this. It later became a part of daily writing.Scott Fahlman was the person who developed this later. What?
 ANS : Simley / emoticon
9. iPhones and iPads cannot play flash videos. But they can play YouTube videos as they are  encoded in X compression technology. Find X.
ANS : H.264
 10. This website was shot to fame after it reported a newsbreak on the helicopter bombings by the U.S. at Bhagdad. After this happened in early 2010, it started receiving huge visitiors. Which website?
ANS : wikileaks

11. The latest edition is called Froyo. The future iteration of this is named as Gingerbread. What is    this?
 ANS : Android OS
12. This company is the first in India to provide private cloud services. It was also India’s first private  ISP. Name this company.
ANS : Sify
13. This device is banned both in Korea and Israel. Recently, this ban was lifted and the seized devices were returned. The NY Yankees stadium banned the use of the device inside the  stadium as it felt no one is concentrating on the games because of this. Name the device.
  ANS : iPad
14. This language, when created was commonly referred to as the ‘write once, read many times’ language so as to refer its cross‐platform nature. What language?

15. Akebono and Konishiki were two workstations at Stanford. These are named after sumowrestlers due to the huge amount of data handled by them. What portal started its life in these  workstations?
 ANS : Yahoo!

Aug 16, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad Finals

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Aug 9, 2010

TCS IT WIZ Bangalore @ TCS round

1.  TCS is a tech partner to world’s oldest marathon ?
ANS:Boston marathon

2.With which state in India did TCS start a citizen portal called ‘MahaOnline’ ?

3. TCS is officially partner till 2012 for this a leading European pro-cycling team ?
ANS: Cervélo

4.Expand TRDDC ?
ANS: Tata Research Development and Design Center

Bangalore questions are provided by :Sasi Dharan

Aug 7, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad Visuals

Preliminary round Visuals.

1.) Identify this person?
ANS : N Chandrasekaran

2.) whose idea is this?

ANS: Alan Turing

3.) Name this robot?
ANS : AIBO ( Artificial Intelligence Bot)

4.) identify this logo
ANS: Second Life

5.) Identify this popular device.
ANS: Amazon Kindle
6.) identify this logo
ANS: Micromax

 Questions are provided by Syed Murtuza Hashmi . He is the first runner up TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad.

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Bangalore 01

1.) Name the company from Canada, makes the Black Berries?
2.)  Retina Display Technology is used in which popular gadget?
ANS:  iphone 4
3.) Whose tag line is " nothing like anything"
ANS: Micromax
4.) "What did you want to be?" ( is the advertisment of )
5.) Which is the first browser to have speed dial and mouse gesture features?
ANS: Opera
6.) Name the India’s 20$ laptop project ?
7.) Which is the first game to be imported to US from Russia?
ANS: Tetris
 8.) Mobile Me is the service from ?
ANS: Apple
9.) This company is called Logicool in Japan, what is it known in India ?
ANS: Logitech

10.) TelePresence is a Teleconference product from which company ?
ANS: Cisco
11.) Galaxy is a brand name that belongs to?
ANS: Samsung
12.) Expand HTC?
ANS: High Tech Corporation
13.) WebOS was contributed by?
ANS: Palm
14.) SixAxis is a ?
ANS: Game controller
15.)  What do you call 10 to the power of Googol ?
ANS: googleplex

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Bangalore

TECH4YOU had posted the Bangalore questions click here

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad 01

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad Preliminary questions are given below.
For Hyderabad Finals Click here

1.) “DoubleClick “ is a subsidiary of a search giant which acquired it, for its ad services, in March 2008. Name its present parent company ?
ANS: Google

2.) Which Research and development organization was started in 1984 at Pune to develop supercomputers in India?

3.) WordMole is a game application originally found on which famous communication device?

ANS: BlackBerry ( Bold)
4.) Jack Dorsey in 2006 made the first attempt to start it. Later he went on to    start a project called Odeo which became a company later. And finally he   together with Evan Williams started this company in October 2006. Which   company/website did they start?
ANS: Twitter
5.) How do we better know Satyanarayan Gangaram who started the telecom revolution in India?
ANS: Sam Pitroda

6.) Ideapad is a range of laptops from which company?
ANS: Lenovo

7.)     Which company acquired Sybase, an RDBMS company, in May 2010 for  US$ 5.8 billion to enhance  its database systems?

8.) Joybook is a laptop for enjoying the latest entertainment in spectacular HD format. Which company manufactures it?
ANS: Benq

9.) if     Apple : iPhone, then Google:_____
ANS: Nexus One

10.) MeeGo is a Linux based operating system for mobile phones by which company along with Intel?
ANS: Nokia

11.) Classmate is a range of personal computers ,especially meant for children, from which company?
ANS: Intel

12.)    Which company manufactures the Phenom microprocessor?

13.)        Droid is a smartphone whose name is licensed to Verizon Wireless. Which company manufactures the Droid smart phone?
ANS: Motorola

14.)  Which famous company is manufacturing an ergonomic mouse called “Arc Mouse”?
ANS: Microsoft

Questions are provided by Syed Murtuza Hashmi.
He is the first runner up of TCS IT WIZ Hyderabad.

Aug 3, 2010