Jan 24, 2010

Question 11

1)Who is the chairman of Mahindra Satyam ?

Vineet Nayyar

2) This is a company fully owned by Tata Group. It is located in Pune, India. It is concentrated on

research and development in the filed of high performance computing. Which is it?

→ CRL ( Computational Research Laboratories.

3) You know Googleplex is the head quarters of Google. How do you know googolplex in

mathematics ?

→ (10^10)^100. That is 10 raised to 10 raised to 100. Or 10 raised to googol.ie 10 ^googol

4) What is the dimension of a SD card ?

→ 32 mm x 24 mm x 2.1 mm (length x Breadth x Height )

5) What is the dimension of Micro SD card ?

→ 15 mm x 11 mm

6) Which is the High Speed Wireless internet service from MTS ?
→ M Blaze

7) Which year is known as the Alan Turing Year ?
→ 2012

8) Smarter planet is the project of which company ?

9) This company started on 1938 in Korea. It’s name means Tristar or Three starts. Which is the company?
→ Samsung

10) Project Natal is a project related to a game console. Which is the game console ?
→ Xbox 360 ( by Microsoft)

Jan 17, 2010

Questions 10

1) We know many types of phobias. Then what is called the fear to computer ?
→ Logizomechanophobia.
2) A company brought islate.com. Which is the company ?
→ Apple
3) It is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March
1965.Which is it ?
→ CSI ( Computer Society of India )
4) Which company brought the “classmate PC”, a low cost netbook ?
→ Intel
5) “Nexus One” is the smart phone from Google. But it is manufactured by another company.
Which is that company ?
6) What is CDMA stands for ?
→ Code Division Multiple Access
7) Who written the book - “ The Art of Computer Programming” ?
→ Donald Knuth
8) where did laser printer was developed ?
→ In Xerox
9) For gamers. What is NFS stands for ?
→ Need For Speed
10) What is DIVX stands for ?
→ Digital Video Express

can you do

hello friends can you post here the question of tcs it wiz in Hyderabad on Jan 22 & Pune on Jan 29 after these events happen on those days

Jan 15, 2010

tcs it wiz visual questions

hi friends, for visual questions of tcs it wiz click here

The other questions asked were in the connect round :
1) AMD ( hints giver : Cool n Quiet, Better by Design & some picture)
2) IBM (hints :Kitty hawck IBM's super computer & other some details)
3) CD (hints : An audio was played, picture of James Russel & some other details)
4) Linux ( hints: someone's picture was given)
5) Oracle (hints : Unbreakale & some other details )
6) Motorola ( hints : picture of Sanjah Jha , and picture of a mobile similar to motorola's mobile etc)

In the swords round( buzzer round) :
1) Texas Instrument (clue given: a image of flag of Texas & picture of some instruments - so we get Texas Instrument)
2) Quick Heal (clue : a word starts with quick was given and picture of Heal . so we get quick heal)
3) John Chambers (a hint for john & a picture of chamber was given)
4) Jack willripper ( sorry i don't is this name correct as the & i didn't under stood it)

In scrach Pad @ TCS :
1) TCS took the state WAN (wide area Network) of :
> Andra Pradesh
2) The IPL team related to TCS ?
> Rajastan Royals
3) New delivey Center in North America ( not sure Noth , south or latin )?
> Mexico ( the answer told there was it)
4) This question I could not remember. but some hints i noted : TCS, SAP, Medical Field

Jan 14, 2010

Kerala State IT FEST 2009 prelim

1) Who provide the IT services such as Suleka, Sevana, Sanchitha, Sachithra etc
→ Kerala Government
2) Name the venue of “Conference on Free softeare” held on 2008 November 15, 16 ?
→ Cochin ( Cusat Campus )
3) Whose web browser id chrome /
→ Google
4) which is not a web browser ?
i) Apple Safari ii) Fire Fox
iii) Luna scape iv) Adobe Reader
→iv) Adobe reader
5) This was started by the effort of J.N.Tata ( Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata ) on may 27, 1909. This is
the place where simputer was developed.
→ Indian Institute of Science, Banglore
6) He was the member of director board of reconstructed Satyam. He was also the chairman of
NASSCOM. Who is he ?
→ Kiran Karnic
7) Who got the “The World is Open” award (2008)?
→ IT@SChool
8) What are Meera, Rachana, Angaly old etc ?
→ Malayalam Fonts (Unicode)
9) Write the three boolean operators used in searching the web ?
→ And, Or & Not
10) Puma is the code name of what ?
→ Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.1) or Macintosh
11) What was the invention of team lead by Alan Shugart ?
→ Floppy Disk
12) It is a project by kerala Revenue Department. It is used for submitting tax returns online. Name
it ?
→ Efiling
13) Expand VICTERS
→ VIrtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools.
14) What is the full form of L.G ?
→ Lucky Goldstar
15) Who developed famous free media player Winamp
→ Nullsoft
16) Select the pair of graphic/image file extensions ?
i) .exe/.jpg ii) .doc/.png
iii) .bmp/.exe iv) .png/.jpg
→ iv) .png/.jpg
17) Whose is kerala's IT minister ( 2009 )
→ Sri. Achuthananthan
18) What is a nibble ?
→ four bits
19) Which city is called Cybrabad ?
→ Hydrabad
20) Ebay
rooted in India by acquiring which Indian Ecommerce
Website ?
→ basi.com
21) The year in which CDIT
was started ?
→ 1988
22) Thomas Fredman's, th columnist of Newyork Tims, wrote his best seller book “The World is
Fas “ inspired by conversation with an Indian entrepreneur. Who is that entrepreneur ?
→ Nandan Nilekani
23) Who developed the Linux Kernel ?
→ Linus Torwalds
24) Tharang, Bfone, Callnow are the brand names of which Indian Public Sector ?
25) This software rewarded the Guinness world record for most downloaded software on a single
day. Which is the software ?
→ Mozilla Firefox 3.0

TCS IT WIZ Kochi 2009 Final round 1

1)In Internet, what is one percentage rule ?
→ Only one percent of people contribute any content of the total people using internet
That is if you take a 100 people over the Internet, only one will create a content 9 will comment on it and the other 90 just view it.
2)Freax was the name decided to it.
Ie Freek + free + X . But this name was dismissed and renamed. What is the new name ?
→ Linux
3)In hand held devices( mobile ), the key with number 5 is dented . Why ?
→ To make the device( mobile ) blind friendly
4)It was an academic project. It was intended to consist of a client and server to stream videos across a campus network?
5)An Indian company decided to market blue-ray disks in association with Sony Inc. Which is the company ?
→ Moserbaer
6)what is Nomophobia ?
→ It is the fear of being out of mobile contact( ie when you lose mobile phones, runs out of battery or credit or have no network coverage )

Questions 09

1) 'ACER' is a robot developed by Mesa Robotics. Expand 'ACER' ?
→ Armored Combat Engineer Robot
2) BOSS is a( free software) Operating System developed in India. What is the full form of BOSS
→ Bharath Operating System Solutions
3) Who launched the Ebook
reader named “KINDLE” ?
→ Amazon
4) How do you know Common Object Request Broker Architecture ?
5) How do you know this company '
PC's Limited'
→ Dell
6) How do you know Local Integrated Software Architecture ?
→ LISA ( Apple )
7) What is the service started by Apple Inc for all its iphoe, ipod touch, Mac & PC to keep sync ?
→ Mobile Me
8) This term was first coined by Ralph Vaerst. Its first published use is credited to Don Hoefler.
Which is th term ?
→ Silicon Valley ?
9) Whose laptop ranges are Aspire & Extensa ?
→ Acer
10) This was Asia's fastest Supercomputer when it was developed. It was developed by CRL with
the technnical assistance from HP. Which is the Supercomputer desccribed here ?
→ Eka

Jan 7, 2010

Questions 08

1)This term is used when you feel sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted. Which is
the term ?
→ Tweepish
2)This is a free email service. Its name is somehow derived from the word 'HTML'. Its now under
Microsoft. Name it ?
→ HoTMaiL
3) A mobile phone is blind friendly. How can you justify that ?
→ The key with the number 5 is dented.
4) How do you now Asynchronous Java Script and XML ?
5) What is LTE in mobile technology ?
→ Long Term Evolution
6) photon+ and netconnect broadband+ give 3.1mbps of wireless Internet which technology is
behind this?
→ EVDO ( EVolution Data Optimised )
7) This company provide sms channel service in India. Name the company ?
→ Google ( labs)
8) whose tag line is “ Do no evil “ ?
→ google
9) Booklet 3G is a netbook from which company ?
10) what is Salinger syndrome. It s related to computer ?
→ It is slang for the tendency to believe that every thing you read on the internet.

Jan 6, 2010

Tcs it wiz Kochi Prelims 2009

1) Joshua Blue is the project, which enhance artificial intelligence, of which company ?
2) Which is the first E-port in India ?
→ Kochi
3) We know that LED TV are available in markets today. What is the full form of LED ?
→ Light Emitting Diode
4) Saif Ali Ghan is the brand ambassador of which computer company ?
→ Lenovo
5) Which company's product is Athlon processor ?
6) Whose tag line is “Do The New “ ?
7) What is the full form of PERL ?
→ Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
8) Bing is the search engine of which company ?
→ Microsoft
9) E.go range of pcs are from which company ?
→ Wipro
10) .LK is the top level domain of which company ?
→ Sri lanka
11)What is the full form VAN. Is it Value Added Network or Virtual Access Network ?
→ Value Added Network
12)X- is a Human Interface Manager.( And he talked something about the naming of it ).
→ windows
13) In a binary tree, what is called the two nodes with same parent node?
→ Sibbling
14)Masaru Ibuka & Akio Morita belongs to which company?
→ Sony
15)Mark Zukerburg founded what ?
→ Face book
16)He showed picture of N. Chandrasekaran
17) He showed the logo of Silver Light
18) He showed the logo of NCR
19)He showed the screen shot of Transformers
20) He showed the picture of Twitter founders(group photo of Jack Dorsey, Evan William &Biz

Questions 07

1)Who is famous in the name RMS, who is the important Free Software Movement ?
→ Richard Mathew Stallman.
2) Its codename was 'Project PX' when it was developed.Its was development started in 1943 and
finished on 1946 . What is this ?
3) Bit torrent clients are known as ?
→ swam
4) Expand DASP, which belongs to Acer ?
→ Disk Anti Shock Protection
5) He was famous as a guitarist and developed Dyna book. He had worked in Xerox. Who is he ?
→ Alan kay
6) chatting is very common now. What is the full form of CHAT ?
→ Conversational Hypertext Access Technolgy
7) What is TFT stands for ?
→ Thin Film Transistor
8) In mobile Technology. What is IMEI ?
→ International Mobile Equipment Identity
9) What is MNP in mobile technology ?
→ Mobile Number Portability
10) We know 8 bits form a byte. Byte stands for what ?
→ Binary Element String

Jan 3, 2010

Questions 06

1) Whose online nickname is 'Jimbo' ?
→ Jimmy Wales (Founder of wikipedia).
2) He was in Xerox when he invented Laser Printer. Who is he ?
→ Gary Starkweather
3) He called Internet as 'Information Super Highway'. He was vice president of America. He also
received Nobel Prize for peace. Who is described here ?
→ Al Gore.
4) He born in England. He is regarded as the father of computer science. Who is he ?
→ Alan Turing.
5) Expand SVTC. It is related to Electronic waste ?
→ Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition.
6) This company brought the first wireless hard disk. Name the company?
→ Imation.
7) This comapy is known for bringing first USB 3.0 thumb drive. Which is the company ?
→ Super talent.
8) T9 in mobile devices helps to increase the typing speed. What is T9 ?
→ Text in 9 keys.
9) CMM is a service mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. What is CMM ?
→ Capability Maturity Model.
10) What is gTLD in relation with domain names ?
→ Generic Top Level Domain.