Apr 23, 2011

How to prepare for TCS IT WIZ

TCS IT WIZ, India's Largest inter-school Tech quiz organized by Tata Consultancy Services has been participated by thousands of students.
But still many students have a doubt that how to prepare for the quiz.
Here we are putting some suggestion for the better preparation for the grand TCS IT WIZ.

  • Framing Questions: One of the important method in the preparation for TCS IT WIZ ( Applicable to other as well) is framing questions. You should be able to frame questions which levels up to the TCS IT WIZ questions. Make use of YouTube videos of the quizzes in order to get the questioning style of quiz master. In a discussion Pick brain had proposed it.

  • TV Shows: Watch TV programs related technology such as Gadget Guru, Cell Guru( NDTV Profit) which will help you a for the quiz.

  • Wikipedia: Read Wikipedia & have a linked study. That is while you read a page on Wikipedia you can see some related links titles "See Also", check out those articles also.
  • If you got a question & answer you may probably by heart it & will do nothing beyound that. But what actually need is that search & read the Wikipedia article about the question.
    For example 'expand AMOLED' its answer is "Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode". You should also read this article . Thus you will get an overall idea about AMOLED.
  • News Paper: Keep in touch with the dailies (mainly the business page), it will also help you.

We will add more suggestions. Post you comments & suggestions.