Jul 25, 2010

TCS IT WIZ Questions 2

1) what is the service started by Apple Inc for all its iphone, ipod touch, mac and PC to keep
everything sync?
→ Mobile Me
2) Which term was coined by Ralph Vaerst & first used by Dan Hoefler?
→ Silicon Valley
3) Name the popular website owned by Obvious Corp?
→ Twitter
4) ' Kindle' is an E-book reader launched by ______ ?
→ Amazon
5) Name the general purpose, very high level programming language by Guido Von Russom ?
→ Python
6) The launch of which product led Cisco to file a trade mark infringment case against Apple ?
→ iphone
7) The interface of which software bears a similarity to a programme described in Neal Stephenson's Sci-fi work “ Snow Crash”?
→ Google Earth
8) What was described in the patent application as “ the X-Y position indicator for a display System”
→ computer mouse
9) How do you know Advanced Mobility In Innovative Mobility ?
10) ZOHO, the well known web office suite is a product of which indian company ?
→ Adventnet

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