Oct 6, 2010

Kochi 2010 Finals 02

1.) How do we experience Turing test in our daily life?
 2.) A questions : It was the description of the logo of Picasa & was asked to identify the logo which was described ( no picture was given ).
This logo was as combination of colors from lenses of different color ...( something like that)

1.)TCS recently opened an office at...? Peru
2.)TCS is to start a learning and development campus in which city of Kerala? Trivandrum
3.)Supervalu is a company from which country? US

1.) To connect facebook ( with symbol of US, pic of Mark Zuckerberg & a lady & video of Michael Jackson)
2.) Connect Airtel ( A video of Amir Khan, a motorola mobile,..)

Watch the TCS IT WIZ Finals @ Kochi Video

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