Jan 14, 2010

Questions 09

1) 'ACER' is a robot developed by Mesa Robotics. Expand 'ACER' ?
→ Armored Combat Engineer Robot
2) BOSS is a( free software) Operating System developed in India. What is the full form of BOSS
→ Bharath Operating System Solutions
3) Who launched the Ebook
reader named “KINDLE” ?
→ Amazon
4) How do you know Common Object Request Broker Architecture ?
5) How do you know this company '
PC's Limited'
→ Dell
6) How do you know Local Integrated Software Architecture ?
→ LISA ( Apple )
7) What is the service started by Apple Inc for all its iphoe, ipod touch, Mac & PC to keep sync ?
→ Mobile Me
8) This term was first coined by Ralph Vaerst. Its first published use is credited to Don Hoefler.
Which is th term ?
→ Silicon Valley ?
9) Whose laptop ranges are Aspire & Extensa ?
→ Acer
10) This was Asia's fastest Supercomputer when it was developed. It was developed by CRL with
the technnical assistance from HP. Which is the Supercomputer desccribed here ?
→ Eka

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