Jan 14, 2010

Kerala State IT FEST 2009 prelim

1) Who provide the IT services such as Suleka, Sevana, Sanchitha, Sachithra etc
→ Kerala Government
2) Name the venue of “Conference on Free softeare” held on 2008 November 15, 16 ?
→ Cochin ( Cusat Campus )
3) Whose web browser id chrome /
→ Google
4) which is not a web browser ?
i) Apple Safari ii) Fire Fox
iii) Luna scape iv) Adobe Reader
→iv) Adobe reader
5) This was started by the effort of J.N.Tata ( Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata ) on may 27, 1909. This is
the place where simputer was developed.
→ Indian Institute of Science, Banglore
6) He was the member of director board of reconstructed Satyam. He was also the chairman of
NASSCOM. Who is he ?
→ Kiran Karnic
7) Who got the “The World is Open” award (2008)?
→ IT@SChool
8) What are Meera, Rachana, Angaly old etc ?
→ Malayalam Fonts (Unicode)
9) Write the three boolean operators used in searching the web ?
→ And, Or & Not
10) Puma is the code name of what ?
→ Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.1) or Macintosh
11) What was the invention of team lead by Alan Shugart ?
→ Floppy Disk
12) It is a project by kerala Revenue Department. It is used for submitting tax returns online. Name
it ?
→ Efiling
13) Expand VICTERS
→ VIrtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools.
14) What is the full form of L.G ?
→ Lucky Goldstar
15) Who developed famous free media player Winamp
→ Nullsoft
16) Select the pair of graphic/image file extensions ?
i) .exe/.jpg ii) .doc/.png
iii) .bmp/.exe iv) .png/.jpg
→ iv) .png/.jpg
17) Whose is kerala's IT minister ( 2009 )
→ Sri. Achuthananthan
18) What is a nibble ?
→ four bits
19) Which city is called Cybrabad ?
→ Hydrabad
20) Ebay
rooted in India by acquiring which Indian Ecommerce
Website ?
→ basi.com
21) The year in which CDIT
was started ?
→ 1988
22) Thomas Fredman's, th columnist of Newyork Tims, wrote his best seller book “The World is
Fas “ inspired by conversation with an Indian entrepreneur. Who is that entrepreneur ?
→ Nandan Nilekani
23) Who developed the Linux Kernel ?
→ Linus Torwalds
24) Tharang, Bfone, Callnow are the brand names of which Indian Public Sector ?
25) This software rewarded the Guinness world record for most downloaded software on a single
day. Which is the software ?
→ Mozilla Firefox 3.0


  1. Do these have options??

  2. is it there this year???

  3. Yes. Every year by IT@school Project of kerala

  4. Is it this year if yes where and when?

  5. The next edition might be at Techno park, Trivandrum, kerala.
    For more details mail to

  6. This years questions and much more are available on schoolitquiz.blogspot.com