Aug 7, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Bangalore 01

1.) Name the company from Canada, makes the Black Berries?
2.)  Retina Display Technology is used in which popular gadget?
ANS:  iphone 4
3.) Whose tag line is " nothing like anything"
ANS: Micromax
4.) "What did you want to be?" ( is the advertisment of )
5.) Which is the first browser to have speed dial and mouse gesture features?
ANS: Opera
6.) Name the India’s 20$ laptop project ?
7.) Which is the first game to be imported to US from Russia?
ANS: Tetris
 8.) Mobile Me is the service from ?
ANS: Apple
9.) This company is called Logicool in Japan, what is it known in India ?
ANS: Logitech

10.) TelePresence is a Teleconference product from which company ?
ANS: Cisco
11.) Galaxy is a brand name that belongs to?
ANS: Samsung
12.) Expand HTC?
ANS: High Tech Corporation
13.) WebOS was contributed by?
ANS: Palm
14.) SixAxis is a ?
ANS: Game controller
15.)  What do you call 10 to the power of Googol ?
ANS: googleplex

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