Aug 7, 2010

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad 01

TCS IT WIZ 2010 Hyderabad Preliminary questions are given below.
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1.) “DoubleClick “ is a subsidiary of a search giant which acquired it, for its ad services, in March 2008. Name its present parent company ?
ANS: Google

2.) Which Research and development organization was started in 1984 at Pune to develop supercomputers in India?

3.) WordMole is a game application originally found on which famous communication device?

ANS: BlackBerry ( Bold)
4.) Jack Dorsey in 2006 made the first attempt to start it. Later he went on to    start a project called Odeo which became a company later. And finally he   together with Evan Williams started this company in October 2006. Which   company/website did they start?
ANS: Twitter
5.) How do we better know Satyanarayan Gangaram who started the telecom revolution in India?
ANS: Sam Pitroda

6.) Ideapad is a range of laptops from which company?
ANS: Lenovo

7.)     Which company acquired Sybase, an RDBMS company, in May 2010 for  US$ 5.8 billion to enhance  its database systems?

8.) Joybook is a laptop for enjoying the latest entertainment in spectacular HD format. Which company manufactures it?
ANS: Benq

9.) if     Apple : iPhone, then Google:_____
ANS: Nexus One

10.) MeeGo is a Linux based operating system for mobile phones by which company along with Intel?
ANS: Nokia

11.) Classmate is a range of personal computers ,especially meant for children, from which company?
ANS: Intel

12.)    Which company manufactures the Phenom microprocessor?

13.)        Droid is a smartphone whose name is licensed to Verizon Wireless. Which company manufactures the Droid smart phone?
ANS: Motorola

14.)  Which famous company is manufacturing an ergonomic mouse called “Arc Mouse”?
ANS: Microsoft

Questions are provided by Syed Murtuza Hashmi.
He is the first runner up of TCS IT WIZ Hyderabad.

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    2.CRL (Computational research laboratories)
    3.Blackberry Bold
    5.Sam Pitroda